Your Business Deserves (and needs) Better Website Content

Is your website littered with dull, lifeless, lacklustre web copy?

Are you embarrassed to share your URL because the words just don't sound like you?

Feeling frustrated by a website that was hard work to create, but isn't (yet) working hard for your business?

You don't need to hire someone else to re-write your site.

With the right templates, tutorials and support from a qualified, experienced digital copywriter (that's me) you can write web copy that communicates clearly, connects with your target audience, nurtures leads, and converts visitors into paying customers.

Transform your website content and the way you communicate with your online audience

(estimated time for website re-write is 6-8 weeks)

  • STAGE ONE: YOUR CUSTOMER'S JOURNEY - We start with a video 1-1 call to sketch out your customer's journey. This will give you a powerful communication framework to use, not just as the foundation for your web copy, but for all your online (and offline) content. This single exercise will instantly help you communicate with more clarity and confidence.

  • STAGE TWO: RE-WRITE YOUR SITE - Using my templates and tutorials you will write copy for your key website pages. Get help, support, feedback and editing from me via email and via unlimited 15-min 1-1 video calls during my blocks of office hours. You'll finish with upgraded website copy, and much enhanced copywriting skills.

  • STAGE THREE: CONSISTENT CONTENT MARKETING - Join me on another 1-1 video call to create a manageable weekly/monthly marketing routine to grow, nurture and convert your online audience. Get feedback and editing support on two blog posts, two marketing emails, and two social media updates. Plus leave with a stocked library of content ideas to use in the future.

Included In The Transform Your Website Content Program

  • One hour 1-1 video call to work on your Customer's Journey so we can discover your Core Messages - we'll get most of the worksheet completed on the call, then I'll email you the recording and provide email support so you can fill in any gaps.

  • Access to all nine Worditude courses to help you write your web copy and marketing content. You'll unlock every course as soon as you make the first payment. You receive access for 12-months from the date of the first payment - so if you need to update anything on your website over the next year, you can access the courses that help with that.

  • Support, feedback and copy-editing of your website and marketing content, via email (48 hours turnaround time) - for 12 WEEKS from the date of your first payment. This will give you a gentle time-pressure to get the writing done (so you don't pay, and then procrastinate for all eternity) AND I need the work to be bunched together so I can give meaningful feedback based on my knowledge of you and your business. If I don't hear from you for 4 months, I'm going to have a hard time remembering you, your customer and your brand voice.

  • Need to talk through a problem, or chat over an idea? Book a 15-minute 1-1 video call during my office hours.

  • Website content audit - Tell me when your website is ready for inspection, and I will record a screenshare video of me touring the site as a potential customer, so we can spot any mis-steps in the visitor's journey, or opportunities for improvement.

  • 30 min - one hour 1-1 video call to create a weekly/monthly marketing routine, so you can consistently build your reach, nurture your audience, convert leads into paying customers, and leverage your existing relationships to make more sales.

Not Another Neglected DIY Program

Includes video calls, email support and hands-on feedback & editing

You can pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 for a do-it-yourself style copywriting program, or copy-generating templates. But I wanted to deliver so much more. Helping other business-builders reach and communicate with their customers is what I love to do. You've been brave enough to be your own boss - I want to do what I can to help you be a success.

The courses are there to help you create first drafts of your web pages, put your thoughts into words and begin to develop your writing style.

But the video-chat conversations and copy-editing are where the magic happens. 

Every time I send back a draft with revisions and new suggestions, your copywriting skills uplevel a little. 

In 6-8 weeks you will have a website that sounds like you, because YOU wrote it.

And you'll have the copywriting skills to update it whenever you need to, plus you'll be able to create consistently clear marketing content to grow, nurture and convert your online audience.

Ready to create website content that converts?

Get started now for one payment of $395, or three monthly installments of $135

Got questions?

I understand. It's hard to invest in something you can't touch.

Email me at with your questions and let me know if you'd prefer an email reply or a video chat to talk it through. No pressure - that's not how I do business.