Create Connection Not FOMO

How to write a sales page that makes you and your reader feel good

You know those amazing sales pages that have you hooked from the beginning, suck you right in, and by the bottom of the page you don’t care what they’re selling, or how much it will cost, you just have to have it right now so your life can be instantly better? I don’t write those.

Because 10 minutes later those customers are either asking for a refund, or begrudgingly consuming your product while flooded with feelings of buyer’s remorse. That’s a whole lot of relationship-building right down the toilet.

Your sales page isn’t there to trick the reader into parting with their hard-earned money.

By clearly communicating your fabulous offering, your sales page will help your audience decide if they are the right customer for your business, and your package is the right solution for them.

This course will help you create sales pages that nurture your customer relationship until buying from you is the next logical conclusion.

This course will show you how to create:

  • A long-form sales page for your flagship products, packages or services

  • An overview page to help the reader understand the different ways they can work with you

  • Pages to generate hot leads, where the goal is to get the reader to make contact (rather than purchase on the spot)

  • Category pages and product descriptions for physical products

Course Outline

9 steps to writing website content that converts

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