Guide To Blogging To Promote Your Small Business

Business Blogging

Attract more customers using your business blog

In the beginning, blogging was for impassioned rants, dispirited whines, and the occasional photo of your dinner. 

Now we’ve got Facebook for that time-wasting nonsense, blogging has been adopted by businesses as a way of connecting with their customers.

Your blog serves the following functions:
♥ Showcase your expertise.
♥ Build your credibility.
♥ Spread awareness of your brand by creating shareable content.
♥ Help customers find your business by creating content for search engines to index.

In exchange for a little time spent creating content, you get a permanent client magnet attached to your website - not too shabby, eh?

By the end of this course you will have a:

♦ Library of blog post ideas, so you never have to worry about what to write again.

♦ Step-by-step process and template to follow to make creating your blog posts quick and painless.

♦ Blogging strategy so you know what you want to blog about, and how this will serve you and your audience.

♦ Writing voice you can use consistently across all your online content, including your blog posts.

♦ Promotional process for every post to attract more visitors to your blog.

** Please note: This course does not cover the technical aspects of setting up a blog, such as hosting, domain names, and choosing a platform. **

This course is for small business owners, who already have a website with a blog and want to learn what they should be publishing, so they can use their blog to engage with new and existing customers.

And I don't expect you to go it alone. I'm right here if you need any help.

 You can email me at or post in the Write With Worditude Facebook Group.

Laura Robinson
Laura Robinson
Digital copywriter & content marketing strategist (aka word wizard)

About the instructor

Laura has worked in online marketing for more than 7 years and has written over a million words of copy for websites, blog posts, and social media.

Through her courses, templates and tutorials she has helped hundreds of small business owners write the content for their own websites, so they can connect with more customers.

She has a First Class degree in Business Management and an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, a full clean UK driving licence, a Diploma in Insurance (you never know when one of those might come in handy), an Associateship of King’s College (philosophy & theology), 5 A-Levels, 10 GCSEs and a handful of Girl Guide badges.

She's feeling a bit awkward writing this whole section about herself in the third person. It feels painfully braggy. But she really wants you to know that: She Knows This Stuff! Helping entrepreneurs communicate online is what she loves to do. And her tutorials and templates do this with a blush-inducing level of success.

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