Don't litter your website with dull, lifeless copy

Pack personality into your writing

When I first left began freelancing as a copywriter, I noticed that a glass or two of a grape-based-beverage significantly improved the quality of my work. In my last j-o-b, I wrote corporate communications, adhering to preset (painfully constrictive) guidelines. Once I'd escaped the confines of my grey office cubicle, and set out as my own boss, it was a struggle to shake off the dull tone of officialdom, and write with wild abandon. So a drop of wine helped loosen me up.

Thankfully, I quickly realized that, although effective, this wouldn't work as a long-term strategy (Prosecco is not a reasonable coffee-alternative with breakfast).

So I devised my own alcohol-free methodology for packing personality into my online content.

And now I'd like to share it with you.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Get yourself quickly into the right kinda mood for writing (without the assistance of alcohol).

  • Use ten techniques to transform your text from a dull lump of words to an entertaining, engaging communication.

  • Easily and effectively proofread your work, so your readers notice your personality and not your typos.

This course is for small business owners, who want to get, and keep, the attention of their target audience.

Complete this course before you begin tackling your key website pages, and you will write personality-packed website content with ease and confidence (and maybe even a smidgen of enjoyment).

P.S. This what happened when a business-builder wrote her web copy with a little help from me...

Course Outline