So many snippets of copy to write

Settting up an opt-in sequence is harder than it looks

If only building your email list was as simple as throwing an opt-in form up on your home page and waiting for the subscribers to show up!

Alas , it is not so. Throughout the opt-in process there's a sequence of tiny snippets of copy, each of which represents an important interaction with your new subscriber.

In this course, I map out each element of content you need to write, whether you're using a single or double opt-in process, so you can get your fabulous copy written BEFORE you dive into your email marketing tool and start setting up the form.

Plus I show you how to create a lead magnet your readers will love, present it on a landing page they can't resist, and promote it so you can begin rapidly building your email list. 

Does not include the technical set-up inside your email marketing tool (they'll have tutorials to show you how).

Does includes:

  • Copy for a simple newsletter opt-in sequence
  • Create, deliver and promote your lead magnet
  • Using content upgrades at the end of your blog posts/podcasts/videos
  • Creating irresistible call-to-action buttons
  • Getting off to the best possible start with your new subscriber

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