Your About Page is the heart and soul of your website

When a reader clicks on your About Page, they’ve already seen or read or heard something that gives them a warm tingly feeling about you. Maybe they’ve read a tweet and want to know more. Perhaps your blog post beautifully addressed the problem they Googled. Or a friend has recommended you.

However they got here, they’ve arrived hungry for more.

Hungry to know that:

  • Yes, you can help them.
  • Yes, you are their sort of person, you’re a good fit, you two would get along in real-life.
  • And yes, you have more to offer them right now, and you’ll show them how to get it.


In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to create an engaging, customer-wooing About Page.

An About Page that creates connection.

An About Page that takes you from being a casual acquaintance to a trusted a friend.

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