Struggling to write the words for your website, blog, emails and social media updates?

Instantly upgrade your copywriting skills with this simple, yet powerfully effective, course

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners write their website content, and they all started with the same problem -- when they speak face-to-face, or via video chat, about their business they say all the right things, their personality shines through, and the passion they have for their work is clear.  But when they try to communicate all that in writing they can't find the right words.

This course is for: 

♥ Every business owner who wants to write online content that connects with the same power as an in-person conversation. 

♥ Anyone who knows that writing will be a huge part of their marketing and customer nurture activity but worries they just can't do it.

♥ Small business owners who are frustrated that their website content sounds stiff, corporate and not at all like them.

I'll walk you through a 7 step process to create the best piece of content you've ever written - your Touchstone Copy.

Your Touchstone Copy is an engaging, easy-to-read, piece of content that sounds like your voice in writing. You can come back to it every time you need to write so you can recreate that style and tone in the next piece of content. And when you've followed the process once, it'll be easy to do time and again.

Get instant access to...

  • 7 bite-size video lessons

    Short and simple videos to guide you through each of the 7 steps towards creating your Touchstone Copy.

  • Printable workbook

    A 16-page downloadable, printable workbook with exercises for each of the 7 lessons, so you can create your Touchstone Copy one step at at time.

Course curriculum

After completing this course you will have...

  • A list of personality traits to reflect in your brand voice

  • A clear picture of your audience

  • A routine to help you get into your writing groove

  • A step-by-step process to follow, that makes writing your content much easier

  • Your Touchstone Copy piece to use as your starting point, to help you create consistent sounding content

  • Feedback from a professional copywriter (me) to help you develop your copywriting skills

Brought to you by...

  • Laura Robinson

    Copywriting coach for business-builders

    Laura Robinson

    Laura is a qualified, experienced digital copywriter with a First Class degree in Business Management, an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, a Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting, a Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting, a Certificate in Content Marketing and a Certificate in Email Marketing (she likes collecting certificates). She specializes in helping business-builders write their online content with confidence and style. She's feeling a bit awkward writing this whole section about herself in the third person.