Tackling The Top 5 Online Content Emergencies

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I've helped 100s of business-builders with their website content, launches and online marketing. Over the last 4 years I've amassed dozens of freebies and 100s of blog posts, which have become a little unwieldy to navigate. To help you get straight to the answers you need I've created the Worditude Online First Aid Kit - all my best stuff organized to tackle the five most common entrepreneurial content emergencies.
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What's In The Box?

  • Website Content That Converts

    You've put hours, tears and money into creating your website - it's time it paid that investment back. Discover if your website content has what it takes to convert visitors into paying customers.

  • Your Customer-Attracting Business Blog

    Reignite your blogging mojo by discovering why you're bothering with blogging in the first place, and unlocking a year's supply of blog post ideas.

  • Ready To Launch Something New

    Launch guide, video and blog posts to help you launch your lovely new program/product/service with a whoosh (not a whimper).

  • Your Email Marketing Strategy

    List-building, lead magnets and what to send your email list. Resources to help you capture, nurture and convert email subscribers.

  • Writing Your Online Content With Confidence And Style

    Get over writer's block, tap into your writing voice and free up your creativity so you can write online content with confidence and style.

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... just a stack of helpful online content and copywriting help for business-builders.

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  • Laura Robinson

    Copywriting coach for business-builders

    Laura Robinson

    Laura is a qualified, experienced digital copywriter with a First Class degree in Business Management, an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, a Level 4 Diploma in Copywriting, a Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting, a Certificate in Content Marketing and a Certificate in Email Marketing (she likes collecting certificates). She specializes in helping business-builders write their online content with confidence and style. She's feeling a bit awkward writing this whole section about herself in the third person.