Turn strangers into superfans using the words on your website

The right website content can build your audience, your expert reputation, and your income.

Hi, I’m Laura, a digital copywriter and creator of copywriting courses for entrepreneurs. 

I’ve spent the last 7 years creating online content, including dozens of damn fine sales pages. I’ve written sales pages that have generated $10,000+ each, but I’ve also written sales pages for launches that fizzled out and crashed into an embarrassing heap on the ground.

Those experiences taught me something important: A Super-Hot Sales Page Will NOT Secure A Steady Flow Of Customers For Your Business.

There’s so much more to making a sale than pressing the right pain points.

To sell your stuff online your website needs content that:

  • Creates connection between you and the reader - they need to love you so much they want to give you money.
  • Positions you as a friendly, approachable, credible expert - yep that is a delicate balancing act, but it’s totally doable.
  • Clearly explains the ways someone can work with you - because when you have multiple packages and offerings, it’s easy for the reader to get in a muddle and leave.

You can write website content that turns strangers into superfans, so you can enjoy a steady flow of new customers, income and glowing testimonials. I’d love to show you how.

I’ve created courses to help you:

  • Develop your writing style and confidence.

  • Write the key pages for your website.

  • Get started with content marketing so you can reach more people.

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There are two ways to start writing with Worditude:

#1 The Ultimate Website Content Planner  - $27
This is a printable workbook (not a course) created to give a super affordable solution to new businesses. This combination of templates and questions will help you pull together the web copy for your Home, About and Sales pages.

#2 Become A Worditude VIP - $97/month
Get access to every Write With Worditude course plus hands-on support from me, including copy-editing your work AND the opportunity to speak to me at any or all of my three drop-in clinics each week. Doors open for last 72 hours each month.

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